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Businesscard Printing’s Ed Cornelissen is by far the best creative execution expert in Amsterdam, and maybe even The Netherlands. He has an eye for the craft and a heart for the client: he is flexible, out-of-the-box, creative and meticulous. With just few words, a big smile, a few quick phone calls, he goes out and delivers excellence. Thanks for your help and support!

Arina Torop, Pursuit Strategist, Deloitte, Amsterdam Headquarters
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The few times a year that I really need to use business cards is only on big exhibitions. Hosting a stand takes a lot of time and money. The challenge? Being remembered. Everyone stuffs his bag full of flyers and business cards and often half of all stories have been forgotten when they return home. So be sure to stand out! A unique business card helps enormously: Ed had printed premium three-layer business cards for me and I could not give one away without receiving a comment or compliment. Fantastic to experience that with such a small detail you can make a big difference.

The thing that made it even better where that Ed came to bring the business cards personally to make sure that I had them on time and called directly after the fair to ask if I was satisfied. Ed, the answer is 110% yes!

Lennaert Evers,
Sail & Solar
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We have been using for at least 5 years now. We have a great experience with our person of contact Ed. He always thinks in solutions and provides us a quick and good service. It works great for us because Ed has set up our own working portal containing the required workflows and templates. If there are exceptions, which often occur within our company, Ed is easily accessible and has an immediate solution or adjustment available. In addition, the products
have excellent quality. The quick and friendly customer service makes sure we will keep using for all our business cards.

Mark Elkerbout & Petra de Hoog, Misco Solutions B.V.
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We came in contact with Ed from when we were looking for a supplier of special cards. Ed has helped us in a fantastic way. We now use an online system in which we can compose our business cards and order it directly. Ed has a lot of experience, he is the specialist in printing solutions. You can name it and Ed will have a solution for it. He helps to think out difficult tasks and is a man of his word. In addition, he delivers quality at a good price. Long story short, Ed is awesome to work with!

Evelien Tapper, Sigmax
businesscard printing

The business cards go through the online order system. As result the production runs automatically and quickly. With the use of the different templates it is easy to order.

Pieter Steenaert, Brum
businesscard printing

The automated processing of business cards saves time and prevents errors. There are daily deliveries of cards at various locations in Europe. We have the convenience of easy online ordering.

Rob de Melker, Alles Online


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What size should I choose for the business card?2017-08-04T13:31:42+02:00

The default size for business cards is 55×85 mm. This is the standard size for credit card and therefore easy to store. All other formats for business card are also possible.

To which countries do we provide business cards?2017-08-04T13:33:00+02:00

We can deliver business cards in every country within Europe. We only charge € 19, – shipping costs! Worldwide delivery of business cards is of course also possible.

Cradle to cradle printing / cradle to cradle business cards2017-08-04T13:33:52+02:00

You can use cradle to cradle paper and a certified production process. An efficient printing solution combined with a full digital typing process.

Fast business cards printing?2017-08-04T13:39:10+02:00

The fastest way to provide business cards is by using an automatic formatting application that is linked to a digital production process. You can have digitally printed business cards on the same day.

How do I give my business card an even greater appearance?2017-08-04T13:41:26+02:00

You can provide the business card with the latest printing and finishing techniques like; laminate with gloss or matte laminate, embossing business cards, applying foil, multi-layer business cards of thick or extra heavy paper. You can also print business cards with PMS colors or other special print colors. Spot varnish on business cards also gives special effect to fishing cards.

How to get business cards with an amazing look / design?2017-08-04T13:45:13+02:00

You can always print your business card both on the front and back. For example; finish with, for example, matte laminate gives the business card a little more class. In use, the business card will always look neat. For instance a laminated business card feels a little firmer.

Which business cards are produced the most?2017-08-04T13:49:12+02:00

The most common business cards are 350 or 400 grams of paper. Solid paper. Feels good. Beautifully high-end business cards are printed digitally on an Indigo digital printing press. Special business cards are usually printed offset.

What is meant by printing with margins??2017-04-25T14:27:51+02:00

When they use a lot of printed matter in addition to a bleed area is also an extra margin of 3 mm. This margin is the space between the edge of the final product and the text / illustration. If text or an illustration would be too close to the edge, it may be that they become unreadable for example.

What is a bleed area?2017-04-25T14:17:55+02:00

A bleed area is a margin all around the printed matter. The bleed is the area in which the printing is cut. Since the cutting of printed matter can not be 100% accurate, they apply a 3 mm margin to prevent them from cutting incorrectly.

What is meant by net size?2017-04-25T14:09:08+02:00

The net format is summarized as how the finished product should look like in terms of sizes. So without the margins taken into account such as exit marks etc.

What is meant by gross size?2017-06-21T11:40:18+02:00

With gross size, they mean the total format including end marks and cut marks.

What is meant by typography?2017-04-13T09:24:13+02:00

Typography comes from the Greek word τύπος (tupos: stroke, form, print) γράφειν (grafein: writing). In short this means the art of shaping, setting and the printing of text. Fonts are thus part of the typography.

What is meant by creasing?2017-04-13T09:19:20+02:00

Creasing is a technique in which the printing sheet is bruised at the location where a fold should be. This makes it easier to create the fold afterwards.

What is meant by laminating paper?2017-04-13T09:14:12+02:00

Lamination can have two meanings. Usually this is used to define the application of a transparent film on the material is to improve the durability, give it a shine, or making it dirt-repellent for example. The other meaning is to bond multiple layers of paper or other materials on top of each other.

What is meant by corporate identity?2017-04-13T09:09:01+02:00

A corporate identity is a configuration which has been established for a business. Think for example of the use of certain fonts, colors and logos, also the dimensions or positioning of these may be as defined herein.

What are Gothic fonts?2017-06-21T11:40:40+02:00

Gothic fonts are fonts that look very similar to the traditional writing. The letters often look dainty. This often makes it worse to read and therefore it is not suitable for long pieces of text.

What is the difference between PPI and DPI?2017-04-13T09:02:15+02:00

PPI (pixels per inch) is a unit of resolution of the device. Often this unit is used for display purposes on screens. For color photos they commonly use the 300 PPI standard. (Although often the term DPI instead of PPI is used since they use the same value)

DPI is the number of ink dots per linear inch. DPI is a unit which is intended for print and not imagery.

1 DPI equals one PPI.

What is meant by Cyrillic characters?2017-04-13T08:58:46+02:00

Cyrillic characters are characters that are originated from the Greeks. These characters are used in certain alphabets such as: Russia, Serbia, Bulgaria etc.

What is meant by credit card format?2017-04-13T08:55:32+02:00

Credit cards are 85 x 55 mm big. This format is often used for example business cards to ensure that they easily fit into a purse.

What is coating?2017-04-13T08:54:09+02:00

A coating is a casting or layer applied to the paper or paperboard to improve the print quality and to protect the print.

What is a baseline?2017-06-21T11:40:54+02:00

A baseline is an imaginary line on which most letters “sit”. Below the baseline there is the descender area where the bottom parts of some letters extends for example take the letter “p”.

What does a barcode mean?2017-04-13T08:18:19+02:00

A barcode is a pattern / image which is composed of vertical stripes. Often, bar codes also have a numeric code will be underneath, but it is not a necessity. The vertical stripes can be read by an optical reader. The vertical bars must comply with international agreements to work properly.

What is CMYK?2017-04-04T12:53:58+02:00

CMYK means Cyan, Magenta, Yellow en Key.  (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow en Black).

CMYK uses percentages of the colors. This means if you have 100% Cyan and 100% Magenta it would be pure Blue. And if you want a darker Blue you add some Key to it.

CMYK (100,100,0,50) means 100% Cyan, 100% Magenta, 0% Yellow and 50% Black.

What is RGB?2017-04-04T12:49:04+02:00

RGB is a color standard containing Red, Green and Blue

The colorcodes for RGB can be generated in 2 ways. For mixing purposes they usualy use the 0-255 scale for each color. By example 255,0,0 would be Red and 0,0,255 would be Blue.

For viewing and online usage of RGB they usualy use the hexadecimal formatting. This type uses the 00-FF scale. By example #FF0000 means Red and #0000FF means Blue.

What is the difference between full color and PMS?2017-08-04T13:55:32+02:00

PMS colors are pre-mixed. This is a color term, which is the same anywhere in the world. With full color, the colors are freshly mixed during printing. The quality is harder to predict this way. The result may vary between the different printing presses.

PMS colors are therefore excellently suitable for house style printing. Full color is more for printing photos, for example.

QR codes2017-04-04T11:55:50+02:00

QR codes on business cards are very convenient for your customers. This can be applied with ease in the online templates. Every business card can have there unique code which can be scanned with most of the smartphones. Your client can directly save the info on the card on there smartphones which makes this very convenient. They would have the correct data saved and can reach you whenever needed.

Spot varnish2017-04-04T11:32:51+02:00

You can even get your business provided with a spot varnish. The names says enough: It is even possible to varnish small parts of the business cards. This could make a nice adition to your business cards. Nowadays they also call spot varnish 3D varnish. It is even possible to order small batches of business cards featured with spot varnish.

What is Web2Print?2017-08-04T13:57:55+02:00

Web2print is the term for online automatic layout. Most noteworthy  we coupled automated printing systems. High quality, fast availability and lean production resulting in low cost. The savings for large organizations are enormous. Also in terms of layout costs. With our solution business cards are available at any time. By pre-checked custom made templates you are in a great advantage.

What is the benefit of automated processing?2017-08-04T13:58:56+02:00

The automated processing of business cards leads to lower cost. Does your organization have more than 50 people with business cards? Then you will be able to save excessively on costs.

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