18 07, 2017

Fast business cards printing?

The fastest way to provide business cards is by using an automatic formatting application that is linked to a digital production process. You can have digitally printed business cards on the same day.

18 07, 2017

How do I give my business card an even greater appearance?

You can provide the business card with the latest printing and finishing techniques like; laminate with gloss or matte laminate, embossing business cards, applying foil, multi-layer business cards of thick or extra heavy paper. You can also print business cards with PMS colors or other special print colors. Spot varnish on business cards also [...]

18 07, 2017

How to get business cards with an amazing look / design?

You can always print your business card both on the front and back. For example; finish with, for example, matte laminate gives the business card a little more class. In use, the business card will always look neat. For instance a laminated business card feels a little firmer.

18 07, 2017

Which business cards are produced the most?

The most common business cards are 350 or 400 grams of paper. Solid paper. Feels good. Beautifully high-end business cards are printed digitally on an Indigo digital printing press. Special business cards are usually printed offset.

13 04, 2017

What is a baseline?

A baseline is an imaginary line on which most letters "sit". Below the baseline there is the descender area where the bottom parts of some letters extends for example take the letter "p".

4 04, 2017

What is the difference between full color and PMS?

PMS colors are pre-mixed. This is a color term, which is the same anywhere in the world. With full color, the colors are freshly mixed during printing. The quality is harder to predict this way. The result may vary between the different printing presses. PMS colors are therefore excellently suitable for house style printing. [...]

4 04, 2017

What is Web2Print?

Web2print is the term for online automatic layout. Most noteworthy  we coupled automated printing systems. High quality, fast availability and lean production resulting in low cost. The savings for large organizations are enormous. Also in terms of layout costs. With our solution business cards are available at any time. By pre-checked custom made templates [...]

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